The Stairville DMX-Master can be operated from a maximum of 12 devices with up to 16 DMX channels. It is easy to handle, which makes it ideal for the beginners in the area of scanner and moving lights programming. The 19″ device with 3 rack units is suitable for many applications. Operating up to a maximum of 12 devices with up to 16 DMX channels (192 DMX channels). 30 Banks of 8 freely programmable scenes. 240 Programmable scenes. 6 Chases with up to 240 scenes. DMX channel adjusting over 8 faders with bank switching. Scene speed adjustable over the faders. Built-in microphone for Music triggering. Continuous Fade Time setting (0-30 s) via sliders. Master Black Out. Manual override of scenes in process. Size: 19″ / 3 U, Depth: 65 mm. Dimensions with Frame: 53 x 19 x 9.2 cm. Weight: 2.3 kg

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