Mini Ferris Wheel

Mini Ferris Wheel Ride

Do you want to fly high at your next event? Hire our Mini Wheel; it is great for children of all ages. Jump into your own carriage and hold on tight as you fly up high and see everything down below. Spot your friends and family on the ground as you ride! The Mini Wheel […]

Mini Chair o Planes

Mini Chair o Planes Ride

Take a seat on our Mini Chair-o-Planes ride and fly around the sky! This attraction is available for events all over the Cyprus and the Sovereign Base Areas. Younger children will love swinging around on this ride as they clamber into one of the swing-style chairs and prepare to spin around. Your children can ride […]

Jet Elephants

Flying elephants? It’s not as unusual as you think! One of the most famous elephants in the world – Dumbo – could fly, and even the Jumbo Jet was named after Jumbo the elephant. This fairground ride is fun for all ages, and lets you ride on your very own Dumbo! Soar through the air […]

Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship Ride

Ahoy there, me hearties! Bring a taste of the seven seas to your event with the traditional pirate ship swing boat. This is one of the all-time favourite fairground rides for hire in our range. Your guests will feel that tickle on the tummy as the impressive pirate galleon ride sweeps back and forward, up […]

Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars

Bumper cars ride hire for all events across Cyprus and Sovereign Base Areas. The Bumper cars ride are renowned for being a funfair classic. Every funfair has a set of bumper cars and for one very good reason, every age loves them! From the elderly to the children and every age in-between these are what […]

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