Coconut Shy

If you asked someone what their expectation of a funfair stall would be, they’d probably have the classic Coconut Shy at the top of their list. It’s a staple of funfairs the whole world over since it was first unveiled to the world in the carnivals of the late 1800’s. It’s longevity is no doubt […]

Hook a Duck & Tin Can Alley

Hire our Hook a Duck & Tin Can Alley combo game for your next event. This traditional fun fair game is great fun for all ages, even adults! great for parties, schools, fetes, fayres, church, village halls, home events, community days and all fundraising events. Up to 4 participants can play at any one time. […]

Bullseye Darts Challenge

What looks like the easiest game is possibly the hardest and most frustrating! Score 50 or more with 3 darts to play the Prize Board then either take your prizes or Gamble for a the chance to take your prizes + Grand Prize! Includes Supervision & Public Liability Insurance to the Indemnity of 1 Million […]

Shooting Gallery

Using safe and easy to operate ‘cork’ guns, the aim of this game is to shoot out the sponge balls located within the Shooting Range target. Our Shooting Gallery Stall offers hours of fun. All of our shooting galleries are completely staffed and safety checked to make sure that every person to play is safe […]

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