Cameo Multi FX Bar

All-in-one lighting system with 3 intense effects including 4 brilliant LED spot lights, 2 rotating LED derbies and 4 strobe LEDs, Pre-mounted to a bar with pole insert for instant set-up and use, Includes a convenient transport bag, wireless footswitch, infrared remote control and truss mounting brackets, Built-in programs for mesmerizing light shows, Multiple control options including DMX, infrared remote or wireless footswitch plus automatic operation and sound activation, Innovative auto program control with foreground and background colours and pattern selection, 7-ch DMX mode for quick chase creation, All effects usable individually, e.g. spot lights only, and in combinations, 4 PAR spot lights with 12 high-performance 12W RGBWA+UV LEDs, 2 derby effects with 6 powerful 3W RGB LEDs, Strobe effect with 4 white 1W LEDs, Mounting provision for 1 additional fixture.

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