With 240 10 mm LEDs. The LED bar 240/8 is ideally suited to the colour light design of stages in clubs, bars, etc. Via the 8 individual and controllable segments, very diverse and dynamic surface effects can be produced. A practically limitless range of colours via RGB colour blend. Via the LED display, all the main functions can be adjusted and retrieved directly on the device. Light source: 240 LEDs with Ø 10 mm (96 red, 72 green, 72 blue), 8 Control segments, Beam angle: 30°, Power supply: AC 90 V / 240 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz, Max. power consumption: 36 W, Connections: DMX in- and output: 3-pin XLR, Power in- and output: IEC (cold device plug), Material: Aluminium, Incl. 4 Mounting brackets (2 x short, 2 x long), Scope of application: Inside, -10°C up to +40°C, Dimensions: 1064 x 65 x 88.5 mm, Weight: 2.6 kg

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